Start a Healthy Life with Vegetables and Fruits

Our body has a large amount of water. No wonder if we have to consume water often to prevent the body from dehydrating. In addition, our body which consists of water must become in balance with other nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Those things have the task of regenerating body cells so that the body is always healthy and fit. One of them is by consuming fruits and vegetables often. The benefits of fruits and vegetables are very familiar to us. Not to mention that the benefits are indeed beneficial to our body. However, there is no harm if you re-examine the benefits of both.

The Role of Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables have various vitamins and minerals needed by the body. These vitamins and minerals have a function in meeting the body’s daily nutritional intake so that the body is always fit and healthy. Even some content in fruits and vegetables can prevent the growth of cancer cells such as antioxidants that can bind free radicals that can damage the body. No wonder if when you were a child, you often scolded you for eating vegetables and fruit. Trust it for your own good.

The benefits of fruits and vegetables for the body have many benefits. This is because the content in fruits and vegetables that are diverse such as vitamins and minerals are high. Moreover, high fiber will facilitate digestion which can reduce obesity and can reduce cholesterol levels high enough. A more stable blood pressure can even prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Especially if you are diligent in eating colorful fruits and vegetables so that your body is used to a variety of fruits and vegetables so there is no accumulation of vitamins and minerals because of eating certain types of fruits and vegetables. Seeing the content of these fruits and vegetables, it’s no wonder that fruits and vegetables have excellent benefits for the body that will affect health.  It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables can provide many health benefits for the body. Fruits and vegetables can help you to maintain health and fitness, even ward off disease.

Benefits of Vegetables and Fruits for Your Health

There are still many benefits that you can get from fruit and vegetables to your health. Here are some things that fruits and vegetables can give you, as well as the reasons why you should eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Protect your body from allergies

When you eat apples, make sure you consume it with the skin too. Apple peels contain antioxidants that have an antihistamine. A study revealed that people who eat five apples a week as well as their skin have better lung function and are more protected from allergies.

  1. Lower blood pressure

Fruits such as bananas that are rich in potassium can help you lower blood pressure. Some other fruits that contain lots of potassium and can help you control blood pressure are potatoes, carrot juice, beets, and others.

  1. Prevent aging

The older, the more susceptible to disease. But don’t worry, fruits that contain antioxidant flavonoids called anthocyanins can help you prevent age-related diseases and serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Anthocyanins are very easy to find from berries such as berries, blueberries, strawberries, eggplant, and red cabbage.

  1. Improve the immune system

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C will help you increase your immune system while protecting your body from heart disease and eye disease. In addition to oranges, there are many other fruits that can provide vitamin C intakes such as guava, kiwi, and others.

  1. Lower cholesterol level

Fruits that contain dietary fiber are also good for lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Not only that, fiber in fruit also helps the movement of the digestive system, makes you quickly full and improves digestion. Consumption of fruits such as pear or spinach and pumpkin vegetables to reduce cholesterol.

  1. Maintain healthy bones and teeth

You don’t have to always drink milk to get calcium. Fruits and vegetables can also be a good source of calcium. If you want to maintain healthy bones and teeth by eating vegetables, try eating vegetables such as spinach, kale, and radish vegetables. These vegetables contain calcium which is good for healthy bones and teeth.